In the coming years, Immigration is expected to remain a major topic of discussion and debate, with 2023 being no exception. This is primarily because the number of people migrating worldwide continues to rise, bringing with it its unique set of challenges and business opportunities.

As companies look for ways to fill needed roles and skills shortages in their workforce, many are turning towards overseas talent as a solution. This means that HR and global mobility teams will be under considerable pressure to manage the complexities associated with Immigration – from visas and work permits to recruitment processes and employee retention strategies.

We expect Immigration will continue to be a massive consideration for HR and global mobility teams in 2023, and here is what we believe we might expect in Australia in the coming months.


  1. Faster processing times

The government is working hard to ensure that visa applications are processed quickly and efficiently. Healthcare and teaching are currently prioritised over tech, and we’re seeing businesses with accredited sponsorship status or labour agreements have been given priority. So far, they’ve managed to get some done within days. We predict this speedy trend will continue into 2023, especially when their commitment to returning to pre-pandemic processing times kicks in!


  1. New migration reforms

We predict some exciting changes to the skilled migration programme this year. Several reports and committees have submitted advice to reform and provide a more flexible and business-friendly schedule to assist current skill shortages and business objectives. So keep your eyes peeled – announcements may be released as early as February to April 2023.


  1. New occupations added

As part of its modernisation efforts, Home Affairs is currently reviewing the definitions and occupations specified by ANZSCO. These changes are meant to give businesses more access to a broader range of skill sets – a critical step in ensuring their success. Having commenced in 2022, these updates will be rolled out over two years, with completion targeted for 2024. In the meantime, to ensure you’re making full use of this opportunity, look at your existing positions now so they can stay up-to-date with sponsored occupations.


  1. More pathways to residency

Last year, the Australian government paved the way for even more highly-skilled individuals to call Australia home! Increasing permanent residency places and reviving independent and state pathways to allow more people to apply for permanent residency – offering businesses fantastic new opportunities to attract and retain talented professionals. Go, team Aussie!


  1. Fewer hurdles for New Zealand citizens

In just two years, Kiwis will have a golden opportunity to permanently take the first steps towards living in Australia permanently. With an exciting new programme offering fewer hurdles for New Zealand citizens wanting to become permanent residents or even Australians by 2023 – this could be the opportunity for many to fulfil lifelong dreams for many New Zealand citizens looking to make Australia their home.


Overall, 2023 promises to be just as exciting and unpredictable as any other year, with impressive migratory changes. These migration patterns set a tone for the coming years that could no doubt shape how people make decisions about the places they choose to live and the lives they will lead.

Ultimately, it is possible that no matter which way people migrate, one thing will remain constant: a healthy dose of optimism heading into an even brighter 2023.