1. Can Australians now travel overseas?

From November, Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to travel without applying for a travel exemption.


2. What about travel exemptions for temporary visa holders?

Travel restrictions remain unchanged for temporary visa holders. They’re free to depart Australia but will require an inwards travel exemption from the Australian Border Force to return.


3. What must I do before I travel?

You’ll need a vaccine passport to travel overseas and return. From the 19 October, you’ll be able to download your International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate and use it on travel apps including International Air Transport Association’s Travel Pass.


4. What are the latest quarantine requirement changes in NSW? And can I arrive in NSW and transit to another state?

Starting 1 November, all fully vaccinated international arrivals into NSW will not be required to undertake any quarantine. This includes Australians and all temporary visa holders. If you’re looking to transit to another state from NSW, you’ll need to check the travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in each state.


5. Can my business bring in overseas skilled workers?

Yes – so long as the talent will be working in a position contained within the priority occupation list or undertaking critical work. Current processing times for visa applications are faster than you’d expect, with some applications processed in as little as 48 hours. So start widening your talent search!

All skilled workers in occupations outside the priority list are scheduled to return as part of the second stage of the changes being rolled out by the Federal Government, likely to commence within the next few months.


6. When will students, working holiday makers and other visitors be allowed to return?

International students are due to return as part of the second stage in border changes. As part of the third stage, all other international travellers including working holiday makers, business visitors and tourists will be permitted to return in 2022.


7. Can my parents now visit Australia?

Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents are now recognised as immediate family and will be permitted to apply for a visa from the 1 November.


8. How do I apply for a travel exemption?

EPG Migration can help you if you need to apply for a travel exemption through the Australian Border Force.