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For immediate release: 30 June 2020

Bringing a new, tech-driven methodology to global mobility advisory is the priority for EPG Migration following a rebrand this month.

Over the last 12 years, the firm built a strong reputation for their immigration expertise as Carman & Associates. Demand for better visibility and efficiency around mobility solutions with technology that could facilitate this led to the firm’s acquisition by the EPG Group in 2018, a leading global provider of payroll services, staffing solutions and HCM technology

EPG Migration’s new mobility platform will simplify complexities around immigration regulations and deliver a more streamlined user experience to visa application management. It additionally offers global job board integration, salary benchmarking, labour market testing, engagement type assessments and onboarding capabilities.

The innovative technology signals a new approach to navigating the mobility journey, along with a focus on building long-term strategies for businesses looking to access skilled talent abroad or test the waters in new markets.

“We’re in a new landscape and with change comes the opportunity to do things differently,” says EPG Migration’s Chief Operating Officer Bella Russell. “As part of the EPG Group, we have the opportunity to really offer an end-to-end solution. This includes sourcing skilled talent globally and mobilising them with compliance, but also alternative staffing models to consider as part of their workforce architecture.”

The EPG Group has invested significantly in licensing infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions to bring more transparency to their staffing solutions, while their HCM technology Expedo was architected to ensure compliance of a global workforce and deliver better efficiencies. The platform can manage the entire employee lifecycle journey from hiring and migration to payroll and HR management, streamlining workflows and delivering cost-effective scalability within one ecosystem.

Additionally, the latest approval of EPG’s Australian on-hire labour agreement will allow EPG Migration to provide clients with superior mobility and relocation options. “This on-hire solution will benefit overseas organisations looking to invest or expand their business into Australia or attract and keep skilled workers locally,” says Russell.

“Along with our new technology underpinning these wider staffing solutions, our team’s work will be taken to a new level. We can really transform how businesses mobilise a workforce and help unlock their potential.”

More information:
Katia Sanfilippo; (+61) 28522 4720

About EPG Migration:
EPG Migration provides businesses with strategic mobility and migration solutions, underpinned by technology that delivers better visibility and control throughout the mobility journey and ensures compliance of a migrating workforce.