Equal Experts Australia is currently the talk of tech with its Managing Director Bethan Timmins at the helm shaking up the industry. Moving staff from global offices and sourcing skilled talent from across the globe has been instrumental to their success. 

There’s a reason why software consultancy Equal Experts were recognised as the 2nd best place to work in the UK. As a network of specialised software consultants solving challenges globally, they learnt early on that diverse teams foster innovation. They’ve hosted events such 10 Digital Ladies, Women Who Code and regularly access skilled consultants globally to join their blossoming network.

Equal Experts’ Managing Director and EPG Migration client Bethan Timmins is an advocate for looking past your own backyard when it comes to sourcing top talent in the technology sector. A Transformation Leader of the Year finalist in the UK’s Women in IT Awards 2018, she was an essential catalyst in the business’ expansion into Australia and New Zealand.

Under her direction, Equal Experts now represent some of APAC’s largest corporations and some of its exciting startups.

I’m a strong advocate for bringing highly skilled leaders to Australia as a means of growing this country’s invaluable technology sector.​

Bethan Timmins

Managing Director, Equal Experts Australia/New Zealand

Leveraging Australia’s need for highly skilled leaders in tech​

It’s clear there has been a huge rise in ICT jobs and demand for skilled and innovative talent in Australia.

Restrictions on migration, however, have led to a sharp fall in the accessibility of migrant workers that can supplement existing workforces. This poses new challenges as to how Australia will source the world’s best tech leaders and other tech experts in a globally competitive market.

With her highly sought-after experience in the technology and finance sectors, Bethan was the perfect candidate for the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Visa Program and achieved permanent residency in Australia easily with EPG Migration’s help.

Also known as the Global Talent Visa, the GTI visa attracts the best global talent across select future-focused sectors (including the ICT occupations) and is designed to grow Australia’s innovation and tech economies.

“Unlike other visa programs that are rigid, the GTI visa depends on the applicant’s skillset. This visa pathway actually invites highly skilled professionals like Bethan to settle and contribute to Australia, so there is an opportunity for overseas talent in tech to really flourish – and businesses to benefit.”

Rosa Yilmaz

Principal Immigration Lawyer at EPG Migration