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Meet necessary work permits, visas and ongoing migration obligations with intuitive technology.

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Minimizing business risk and ensuring compliance

Our Audits, Internal Business Reviews and Technology Keep You Protected.

Compliance-driven global assignments

Establishing a presence in a foreign country entails more than just allowing a person to work from abroad, such as global onboarding and payroll mandates. With our support and expertise, you can rest assured that your business’s international assignments are seamlessly implemented and meet local compliances.

Top level visibility

Ensuring compliant case planning, strategy and migration while staying informed is crucial – and EPG Migration simplifies the process. Our innovative technology streamlines the entire journey by providing full visibility and accountability in an easy-to-use platform, alleviating tedious manual workloads and reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Verify work rights and mitigate risk

Keep on top of your employee’s right to work and store VEVO records alongside core data within out intuitive technology suite for total workforce transparency and ongoing compliance.

How it works


Manage your work agreements, invoicing, workforce information and visa projects from one platform.


Deliver a faster onboarding with paperless application and a simplified user experience.


Access real-time data on visa application progress and your employees’ visa validity, work rights and visa conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

Requirements will vary based on in-country employment and immigration laws and the type of work assignment. Our team of immigration lawyers will consult and guild you through the relevant legislation.

Utilise our automated work rights checks and reporting to ensure that you can understand staff’s current work rights as well as stay ahead of any visa expires and renewals.

Penalties and sanctions can vary from country to country. In Australia, an employee working unlawfully could result in the loss of a company’s ability to sponsor future workers as well as fines of up to $70,000 per unlawful worker.

EPG’s global mobility platform will let you have any relevant changes, and the team will be in hand to navigate through any changes required.

About EPG Migration

Our team go one step further than just offering expert advice and visa processing. We challenge traditional thinking around global mobility to build long-term strategies that unlock your business’s capacity. Read more