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Reshaping your workforce structure

An efficient and effective way to hire skilled talent from overseas without the hassle of sponsoring them directly.

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Reduce risk
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Access critical skills
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Retain and attract top talent

Providing an alternative model to open borders

Efficiently hire overseas talent with our alternative employment model: save time and expenses while staying compliant.

From visas to payroll, we’ve got you covered

We offer businesses an effortless solution for global employee management. We become the host organisation for your worker, handling their licensing, visa and payroll needs. At the same time, however, you direct their everyday workings without admin and compliance stress.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Whether you’re an employer or business owner, you can unlock access to talent quickly from anywhere. This growing labour trend fills skill gaps, helps upskill existing staff and allows businesses to determine their investment in overseas talent before pursuing the migration path when the opportunity arises.

How it works

Identify talent

Identify the candidate you wish to hire in Australia and EPG will start the process of employing them compliantly. We will take on the risk associated with their employment to ensure in-country compliance.

Immigration Paperwork

Our team of Immigration Specialists will provide a seamless experience and guide your new employee through the complex immigration process.


We provide the technology to onboard your staff digitally, delivering transparency and compliance throughout your new talent’s employment journey.

Grow Your Team

We collaborate with you to facilitate the ongoing performance management of your worker, with compliance courseware and essential training delivered via our learning management system.

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Australian On-Hire Labour Agreements

A great way to hire overseas skilled talent. Uncover the legal necessities, advantages, and potential pitfalls of using on-hire labout for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

An On- hire Labour agreement to enable approved third-party businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers on behalf of their clients. The OHLA allows companies to employ professional talent abroad without directly sponsoring them, giving greater flexibility to the limitations of the existing legislative framework by granting the sponsor concessions.

This approach is great for employers who need help finding suitable, experienced Australian workers to fill their skilled vacancies.

Save time: a quicker and simpler way to find the staff you need.

Reduce risk: the on-hire business ensures that the workers comply with their visa conditions, reducing non-compliance.

Access critical skills: access the skills and expertise needed, even if they aren’t available locally.

Retain top talent: workers can be on-hire for up to four years.

EPG becomes the sponsoring employer on behalf of our clients. As the Employer of Record we handle all the necessary administration and payroll requirements along with the ongoing HR management of the workforce, becoming the legal employing entity in Australia to support your overseas workers.

Positions must be pre-approved under the current government occupation guidelines.

Applications can vary based on the complexity of the application and the information provided. It is recommended that employers allow at least 6-8 weeks.

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Our team go one step further than just offering expert advice and visa processing. We challenge traditional thinking around global mobility to build long-term strategies that unlock your business’s capacity. Read more