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Global mobility like never before

Relocate your employees, retain skilled workers or mobilise new talent with in-country compliance.

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Global expansion made easy
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Transparent advisory
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More than just migration

Migration, staffing and payroll strategies tailored to your business objectives and employment needs.

Unparalleled expertise and experience

With a network of experienced lawyers to consultants, our team provides the necessary support for businesses to expand globally. We leverage our knowledge in Australian immigration law and international mobility to guarantee that your experience is seamless and successful.

Reduced compliance risk

Our lawyers and consultants offer a key advantage to businesses, providing insight into the visa application and ongoing employment. Utilising our expertise is an effective way of reducing any potential risks associated with applying for visas and offers peace-of-mind in knowing your applications are being processed correctly.

Grow smarter, faster, better!

We are here to do more than just process visas; we provide your business with solutions for strategic international growth. Leverage our knowledge and expertise as you expand into new markets around the world.

Our service solutions

Looking to hire the best in global talent, but unsure of where to start?

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Labour Agreements

Hire skilled talent from overseas without the hassle of sponsoring them directly.

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Global Mobility

Expand your reach and engage, retain and relocate top global talent quickly.

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Assisting multi-national and Australia-based businesses with their visa needs.

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How it works

Identify talent

Identify the candidate you wish to hire in Australia, and EPG will start the process of employing them compliantly. We will take on the risk associated with their employment to ensure in-country compliance.

Immigration Paperwork

Our team of Immigration Specialists will provide a seamless experience and guide your new employee through the complex immigration process.


We provide the technology to onboard your staff digitally, delivering transparency and compliance throughout your new talent’s employment journey.

Grow Your Team

We collaborate with you to facilitate the ongoing performance management of your worker, with compliance courseware and essential training delivered via our learning management system.

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About EPG Migration

Our team go one step further than just offering expert advice and visa processing. We challenge traditional thinking around global mobility to build long-term strategies that unlock your business’s capacity. Read more