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Assisting multi-national and Australia-based businesses with their visa needs.

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Visas & Work Permits

Our advisors manage employment-based visa applications, work permits and build long-term strategies for a business relocation, staffing and ongoing migration needs.

Fast, efficient and reliable

With various visa pathways encompassing varied criteria and options, navigating Australia’s immigration system can be daunting. Luckily, we make it easier for you to identify the ideal solution for your employee’s circumstance – from short-term visas to long-term skilled worker arrangements.

Ease the challenge of retaining quality talent

Our team of legal experts and advisors offer comprehensive visa processing services to make the challenge of retaining quality talent in-country more manageable. We understand the complexity that comes with navigating immigration laws and regulations, so we provide sound advice while managing every aspect from beginning to end.

About EPG Migration

Our team go one step further than just offering expert advice and visa processing. We challenge traditional thinking around global mobility to build long-term strategies that unlock your business’s capacity. Read more