Service delivered via technology

Purpose-built to speed up and simplify the migration journey for you and your overseas talent.

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Managing the end-to-end journey

Intuitive technology that delivers a consistent and empowered user experience every step of the way – meaning no back and forth emails, calls or lost paperwork. Instead, you, your talent and our agents all apply, submit and track visa applications within one secure technology!

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Step-by-step process
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Track progress
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Secure upload of files
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Business profile
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Smart notifications
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Expert advice

Visa workflows designed to streamline applications

Build your workforce

Identify the talent your business needs, their responsibilities and the duration of their assignment starting with an advanced global position builder.

Global salary benchmarking

Gain industry insights into average salaries and be both competitive with market rates and attractive when sourcing talent.

Labour market testing

Determine local labour requirements, post your position to multiple job boards with one click and create clever talent pools.


Assess and implement the right in-country engagement type for your worker and deliver a consistent, culturally-considered onboarding experience.


House background checks and VEVO records alongside core employee data for workforce transparency and compliance within secure technology.

Frequently asked questions

We have created a centralised system to support global mobility and visa application processes to save time, stay compliant and ensure a greatly simplified user experience. Our tech is part of the broader Expedo suite: an end‐to‐end HR platform purpose-built to break down the barriers between your recruitment, HR and payroll processes. Replacing siloed systems with one seamless workforce management tool allows you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Our tool is for employees and individuals and for Global mobility, talent acquisition and HR teams looking to hire overseas workers.

Our purpose-built technology has been built by Immigration and global mobility specialists who understand the administrative burden and nuisances of immigration laws. We have kept compliance and user experience as our primary goal.

Implementation is so easy we can start straight away. Book a time to discuss, and we would be happy to show you.

About EPG Migration

Our team go one step further than just offering expert advice and visa processing. We challenge traditional thinking around global mobility to build long-term strategies that unlock your business’s capacity. Read more